For living together without disputes, there are some rules:

  1. Please use the guest registration forms at the front gate.
  2. Only drive at walking speed (up to 7 km/h) please. This applies from bikes to Formula-1-cars.
  3. Please park considerately and using as little space as possible in the designed areas.
  4. Please do not bring dogs into the resort.
  5. Please do not take photos and videos, because a prior written permission of any recorded person is required.
  6. Smoking is allowed on the terrace of the club house and at your own caravan or tent only.
  7. Food and drinks? Our innkeepers are looking forward to your visit.
  8. Nude sunbathing on the sunterrace? Of course! As naturists, we always carry a towel to sit and lie on anyway.
  9. The lake and our terrain has to be used without clothes when the weather is appropriate
  10. Please use the available waste containers and ashtrays for your waste. Better yet, recycle waste and avoid buying products that do not contain re-usable materials.
  11. Intimate jewelry should be stored during the stay in the area
  12. An emergency telephone can be found in our club house, a defibrillator is located in the sanitary ward in the locker room on the right (AED).
  13. There is more information ready for you at the office.

Thank you for your understanding and have a pleasant stay.

Legal advice

The use of the site and all site facilities is at own risk. For objects brought to the site the club assumes no liability. According to the resort rules the club does not assume liability (other than gross negligence and wilful misconduct) for caravans, motor homes, awnings, tents and their contents. By visiting our site you accept these terms.

In pictures

No clothing No photos No animals No open fire 7km/h Care for people Dispose litter Avoid waste Automated external defibrillator