Membership of the LBN

We are a naturist family sports club. By the way, with about 900 members we are the largest club of this kind in North Rhine-Westphalia. When the sun is shining, we naturists naturally move around our grounds in natural nudity. In winter, additional sports halls in the city area are available for our athletes. In addition, internal club events, excursions, summer camps and visits to other friendly clubs are organized for all age groups.

We emphasize with us the term “family sports club”! This means that we especially accommodate families with children. For example, a family pays only one fee, provided that the children are younger than 18 years old.

Try out card

If you are still unsure about becoming a member, you can first try out a “trial card” to see if you feel comfortable in our club. The offer is aimed at parents with any number of children under 18, couples or individuals. However, it can only be taken up once. If a membership is established, the amount of the trial card will be credited in full to the first membership fee.

Taster tickets for interested parties

  • 1 year – family180,00 €
  • 1 year – single 21+90,00 €
  • 1 year – single 18-2045,00 €

Fees 2023

Annual fees

  • Family (incl. children under 18 years)396,00 €
  • Married couples420,00 €
  • Single 18+260,00 €
  • Concessions (on request)96,00 €
  • Supporting members80,00 €
  • Dormant members16,00 €
  • Pitch for caravan and camper640,00 €
  • One time fee for Caravans200,00 €
  • Cottage pitch60,00 €
  • Locker48,00 €

Other prices

  • Sauna adult9,00 €
  • Sauna adolescents up to 204,00 €
  • Pupils, trainees, students, people doing military service, volunteers doing a social year5,00 €
  • shower per unit1,00 €
  • Single persons, flat rate for one month50,00 €

Sauna fees do not apply to youth and sporting events for the duration of the event.