Questions and answers for first time visitors

Mother and child in the paddling pool


What is naturism and what are naturists?

Naturism is a way of life for all ages. Naturism means to feel free and to deal with like-minded people tolerantly and without restraints. Naturism and being well are closely related. We are anxious to care for ourselves, others and the environment and show respect. Another aspect is to enjoy the experience of nature.

In our communal life we rejoice in sporting activities and a healthy lifestyle. We offer an environment, where people can be naturists and follow naturist values. But not everyone will become a naturist or be forced to. Some of our members just stay with us for recreational activities they want to enjoy free of clothing.

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How long will it take to be comfortable?

Everyone is different. Some feel instantaneously comfortable the minute they shed their clothing. Others need a lot more time to adjust. We understand that people new to naturism need some time to adjust. If you want to stay clothed during the adjustment period, please be respectful of others. Clothing is never permitted while swimming or using the sauna or showers.

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Do I have to be nude all the time?

We try to live a natural life and nudity is the key to body-acceptance and an integral part of our credo. That is why clothing is generally undesirable. It is only worn for protection.

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Where do I look when talking to someone?

Of course, the polite thing to do is to look the people in the face when you are talking to them.

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What if I meet someone I know?

They are there for the same reason you are. Nobody needs to be embarrassed.

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What should I bring?

Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, a towel to sit on and perhaps a second towel to dry off after swimming, that is all for the start.

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What if I don’t look good enough to be nude?

The fact you are asking yourself the question is exactly why you need to be nude. Naturists undress for themselves and out of respect for others. Each person is unique and there’s no such thing as a perfect body. Naturism is a form of therapy that will help you realize that bodies comes in all shapes and sizes.

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Are tatoos, piercings, makeup, etc… allowed?

Yes but what it means depends on you. Are these decorations a means of self-expression or are they intended to elevate yourself above others? Only you can answer those questions. We provide an environment that makes it easier for people to accept who they are.

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When is the best time for the first visit?

Generally, naturism is at its most delightful on a warm sunny day. It is during the summer that our resort is most magnificent. Weekdays are the quietest and weekends are busier. During holidays or at special events it is also quite full. But all that is still dependent on the weather forecast.

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Are there lots of young people?

There are people of all ages and sexes in a ratio that is roughly proportional to the general population. Young people are busier with their social life and career so they spend less time at the resort. But retired people have much more free time and may spend the entire summer with us.

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I’m single, can I meet someone here?

Our resort is a place where people come to relax and enjoy the benefits of naturism. While there are single adults who visit, they are not likely there because they are trying to meet anyone. In fact, they may be looking for seclusion and an escape from dullness of everyday life. If you visit us, you should be mindful of this possibility when approaching them because your advances could easily be misinterpreted as harassment.

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I am looking for sexually adventures, is that possible here?

NO!! If you are searching for this kind of activity you are definitely in the wrong place. Despite a century of telling people that naturism is not about sex, this fallacy remains.

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