Questions and answers for first time visitors

Mother and child in the paddling pool


What is naturism and what are naturists?

Naturism is a way of life for all ages. Naturism is about feeling free and being casual and tolerant with like-minded people. Naturism and well-being belong closely together. We are concerned with respecting ourselves, others and the environment. One of our concerns is also the joy of experiencing nature.

In our community life we enjoy sports activities and a healthy lifestyle. We offer an environment where people can be naturists and follow the values of naturism. But not everyone becomes a naturist right away, nor is it compulsory. For our members, spending time in sports and games simply means a leisure activity that they want to enjoy free of clothing.

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How long will it take to be comfortable?

Every person is different. Some feel comfortable as soon as they take off their clothes. Others need much more time to get used to it. We understand that people who are just getting to know naturism need some time to get used to it.

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What if I don’t look good enough to be nude?

The fact that you are asking yourself this is exactly the reason for you to be naked. Naturists undress for themselves and out of respect for others. Every person is unique. There is no perfect body. Naturism helps you realize that bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

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When is the best time for the first visit?

In general, naturism is most beautiful on a warm sunny day. In summer, of course, it is most beautiful with us. Weekdays are the quietest. On weekends our area is more crowded. It is also usually more crowded during vacations and special events. But that also depends a lot on the weather forecast.

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Are there lots of young people?

In recent years in particular, we have been able to welcome more young families with children as new members. The promotion of young members is a particular concern of ours.

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