What is naturism?

“Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, expressed through social nudity, linked to self-respect, tolerance of differeing views together with respect for the environment”, according to the International Naturist Federation (INF).

Naturists play table tennisFamily on the swimming islandSauna visitors in front of the sauna

Most people think naturism is about being naked. But the nudity is only a tool. If you are nude, you first of all have to accept yourself. You are more in contact with the environment, if you feel the sun, the air and the water directly on your skin.

Another reason for being nude is, that all people are equal when they are nude. There is nothing like clothing to denote social, economic, political or professional status. Things like brands, logos and uniforms are always to differentiate ourselfs from others. Most naturists want to be among like-minded, when they visit a naturist resort. They want to escape the textile world with its focus on sexuality, good looks and body shame.

Another important aspect of naturism is to live in and be part of the nature. This does not imply to abstain from alcohol, meat or electricity, of course. But it stands for respect towards nature. It is the small things, like not throwing the empty plasic bottle carelessly into the forest but rather recycling it.

Following that basic idea of naturism, we tend our resort close to nature. We pay special attention to proper waste seperation. We procude our own hot water for the sanitary facilities with a solar collector. With our new photovoltaic system we cover the bigger part of our power requirement and help reducing CO2-emissions.

Are all naturists exhibitionists?

No! Exhibitionists want to shock others with their nudity. That is why exhibitionism does not work a naturist environment, because the sight of naked people is something natural for naturists.

Does naturism violate religious rules?

Many naturists are religious people and find no contradiction between naturism and their faith. Some even feel closer to God when they are nude in nature.

“The nudity refers to the original good of God’s sight, it means all the simplicity and fullness of that look, manifests itself by the pure value of the human being as man and woman, the pure value of the body and sexuality.” (Pope John Paul II.)