Kids, youth and naturism

Anyone who has observed children knows that they are enthusiastic naturists. In fact, they may squeal with delight when they are allowed to run around nude.

painted kidChild in paddling poolChild playing crazy golf

Our children are being raised in a society where our bodies are being objectified. Nudity, although omnipresent, is always put into sexual context and only tolerated if the body matches impossible beauty ideals. This leads to self-consciousness and body shame.

Children raised in naturism learn to accept the human body and recognize that everyone is unique. A natural attitude towards the own body is the key to a healthy self-image and strong self-esteem.

Won’t the children get problems with their peers?

Unfortunately, few children will grow up without being subjected to some level of ridicule from their peers. The reasons can be varied. Sometimes it may be glasses, sometimes the profession of the parents or being part of a religious group. Naturism is no different. Since naturism tends to foster self-confidence, many children raised as naturists are better dealing with such kind of situations. Also children instinctively know what to reveal and to whom.

Don’t I put my child at a high risk when it runs around naked?

It is clear that being dressed has not kept children safe. These kind of crimes are all about wielding power over the victim. A child with a healthy self-esteem, that does not feel shame for its own body or certain parts of the body is therefore always safer, no matter if dressed or not.